IEEE Communication Theory Workshop
June 11-14, 2017 – Natadola Bay, Fiji


Sunday June 11, 2017

06:30 pm                 Welcome Reception – Chapel Beachfront

Monday June 12, 2017      Natadola 2&3

08:30 am                  Keynote 1 — Reinaldo Valenzuela (Nokia-Bell Labs): “5G Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges”

09:30 am                  Session 1 Communication-theoretic aspects of big data infrastructure 

                                     Chair: Salman Avestimehr

                                     Babak Hassibi: “Consensus-Based Distributed Computing: Solving Linear Systems”

                                       Kannan Ramchandran: “On Coded Computation for Speeding Up Parallel Multi-Core Machine Learning”

10:30 am                  Coffee break

11:00 am                  Parastoo Sadeghi: “On Optimizing Communication Rates in Distributed Broadcast Systems”

                                       Salman Avestimehr: “Coded Distributed Computing”

12:00 pm                  Lunch

03:00 pm                  Session 2 — Machine Learning for future communications networks

                                     Chair: David Gesbert

                                     Robert Heath Jr: “Millimeter Wave V2I Beam Alignment: Learning to Point from Past Observations”

                                       Michele Zorzi: “On the Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Network Optimization”

                                       David Gesbert: “Learning from Flying Access Networks”

04:30 pm                  Coffee break

05:00 pm                  Focus Talk 1 — Petar Popovski: “Design Tradeoffs for Communication with Short Packets in Internet-of-Things Applications”

05:30 pm                  Panel Session 1 —  “What will IoT be? Is unlicensed wide-area IoT doomed? Is uplink-dominated IoT wrong? Will the multi-service operators triumph over all others? ”

                                     Chair: Petar Popovski

                                     Panel Members:   Alex Grant,  Walid Saad, Reinaldo Valenzuela, Jinhong Yuan, Michele Zorzi

06:30 pm                  Poster Session

07:30 pm                  Buffet Dinner – Kama Beachfront

Tuesday June 13, 2017      Natadola 2&3

08:30 am                  Keynote 2 — Mike Honig (Northwestern University): “The Value of Shared Spectrum”

09:30 am                  Session 3 Starting up with Communication Theory

                                     Chair: Anton Monk

                                     Andrea Goldsmith: “A Professor’s Journey into Startup Land: Not for the Faint of Heart”

                                       Alex Grant: “Connecting Things to the Internet of Things”

10:30 am                  Coffee break

11:00 am                  Mark Pinto: “HDAAS: A Scalable Massive MIMO System with Coherent Transceivers”

                                      Sriram Vishwanath­­­­­­­: “Bringing True Full Duplex Communications to Life: Promises and Challenges”

12:00 pm                 Lunch

03:00 pm                 Session 4 Quantum Communications

                                    Chair:  Jack Winters

                                    Lajos Hanzo: “Harnessing Quantum-Computing and Signal Processing in Wireless Communications

                                    Robert Malaney: “Entangling Quantum and Wireless Communications”

                                    Jack Winters: “Leveraging Quantum Technology in Communications”

04:30 pm                 Coffee break

05:00 pm                 Panel Session 2 — “How relevant is Communication Theory to Spectrum Policy? – Should communication theorists be more involved in policy debates or leave this for the lawyers?”

                                     Chair:  Randall Berry

                                     Panel Members:  Randall Berry, Danijela Cabric, Alex Gorokhov, Anant Sahai

06:00 pm                  Poster Session

07:30 pm                  Banquet – Watercourt Function Area

Wednesday June 14, 2017      Natadola 2&3

08:30 am                 Keynote 3 — Alex Gorokhov (Qualcomm): “Designing & Implementing 5G-NR Enhanced Mobile Broadband”

09:30 am                 Focus Talk 2 — Philip Whiting: “Carrier Sense Multiple Access Networks – Modelling, Results and Challenges”

10:00 am                 Coffee break

10:30 am                Session 5 — New Frontiers in Wireless Networking

                                   Chair: Andrea Goldsmith

                                              Jeff Andrews: “New Results on Data Rate Scaling in Dense Cellular Networks”

   Elza Erkip: “An Economic Perspective on Spectrum and Infrastructure Sharing in Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks”

11:30 am                Mini break

11:40 am                Tara Javidi: “An Active Hypothesis Testing Approach to Spectrum Sensing and mm-Wave Initial Access”

                                   Shuguang Cui: “New Paradigm in Energy Harvesting Wireless Communication”

12:40 pm                Concluding Remarks, Close, Lunch